A Promise With God (2018)

Singwaeui Yaksok, A Promise With The Gods, A Pledge To God, 與神的約定, sin-gwa-eui yak-sok, 신과의 약속

Drama , Family , Melodrama , Korean | Episodes 48

7.6 2074 10 0


This drama is about how two married couples will do whatever it takes to save their children. That’s without taking into account that they’ll leave ethics and morals to one side in order to do it. Seo Ji Young (Han Chae Young) is an anchorwoman and talk show host who is also fiercely devoted to her children. Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook (Bae Soo Bin) is the heir to a large architecture firm who is willing to lay everything on the line and stand up against his family in order to protect his children.


Park Geun Hyung Kim Sang Cheon Support Role
Oh Hyun Kyung Kim Jae Hee Support Role
Yoon Jae Moon Director
Wang Seok Hyun Song Hyeon Woo Support Role
Lee Hwi Hyang Heo Eun Sook Support Role
Bae Hae Seon Oh Seon Joo Support Role
Hong Young Hee Screenwriter
Kim Dong Yoon Seo Do Yeong Support Role
Kang Boo Ja Lee Pil Nam Support Role
Choi Phillip Jeong Kyeong Soo Support Role
Kim Hee Jung Ahn Joo Ryun Support Role
Chu Ye Jin Na Hye Ji Support Role
L.Joe Jo Seung Hoon Support Role
Han Chae Young Seo Ji Yeong Main Role
Oh Yoon Ah Woo Na Kyeong Main Role
Lee Chun Hee Song Min Ho Main Role
Bae Soo Bin Kim Jae Wook Main Role

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Drama , Family , Melodrama , Korean