Banjou no Alpha (2019)

Yakusoku no Shogi, 約束の将棋, 盤上のアルファ

Drama , Drama , Life , Sports , Japanese | Episodes 4

7.3 124 10 0


Newspaper journalist Akiba Shunsuke is transferred to the cultural desk and put in charge of shogi. He meets Sanada Nobushige, a 33-year-old aiming to be a professional shogi player by achieving the rank of 4-dan or more. Sanada is over the age limit as he could not achieve 4-dan by the age of 26, and is now trying to take an exam for admission to 3-dan. Akiba supports Sanada's attempt to become a professional shogi player and becomes interested in the game... 


Yasui Junpei Tsurumaki Goro Support Role
Kondo Masaomi Senda Shozo Support Role
Ishibashi Renji Hayashi Eisei Support Role
Horii Arata Date Kazuhisa Support Role
Nono Sumika Shizuka Support Role
Hara Hideko Support Role
Higa Manami Saito Keiko Support Role
Tamaki Hiroshi Akiba Shunsuke Main Role
Kamiji Yusuke Sanada Nobushige Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Life , Sports , Japanese