Between Love & Desire (2016)


Drama , Drama , Law , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

7.5 313 10 0


After reaching a point of no return in his life, Ngo Pak Yin grows power-hungry. Through his aggression and strict grasp of the law, Pak Yin paves his way to becoming one of Hong Kong’s top solicitors. But power often leads to blindness. Pak Yin becomes ruthless and inconsiderate of others, leading to his wife Rebecca Tsang Bo Lam, who had quietly supported him through the years, to grow more distant. She realizes that they no longer share the same values, and is heartbroken. During this time, she grows closer to Patrick Lui Wing Hang, who opens up a window into her inner world. Patrick is also a solicitor, but he is neither as famous nor as abled as her husband. Despite these setbacks, Rebecca falls in love with Patrick, who seems to be the only person who can fulfill her troubled heart. She makes the executive decision to leave her husband, but is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man. She suspects that Pak Yin had hired someone to attack her. Pak Yin’s life is at an impasse once again. Finally realizing his wrongdoings, Pak Yin decides to change for the better. But this time, he’s changing while carrying a heart of gold.


Chan Moses Ngo Pak Yin / "Hugo" Main Role
Wong Ben Lui Wing Hang / "Patrick" Main Role
Shiu Maggie Tsang Bo Lam / "Rebecca" Main Role
Chan Wing Chun Yip Siu Hong Supporting Role
Lam Mandy Chow Yin Yuan / "Carmen" Supporting Role
Law Joey Mak Dik Man / "Damon" Supporting Role
Kan Rachel Cheng Yuen Ping / "Rowena" Supporting Role
Chu Brian Ngo Bak Wang / "Fred" Supporting Role
Wu Momo Edith Supporting Role
Dunn Patrick Siu Hon Wah / "Scott" Supporting Role
Chang Candy Kwong Sin Yee / "Cindy" Supporting Role
Cheung GoGo Luk Tse Ying / "Cherry" Supporting Role
Lau Kitty Ngo Guen Supporting Role
Tong Roxanne Wong Hiu Yan / "Haley" Supporting Role
Chan Skye Wong Hiu Ting Supporting Role
Chan Wing Chun Yip Siu Hong Supporting Role
Tang English Ng Fong Wing / "Peter" Supporting Role
Yee Tony Ho Yung Leung Supporting Role
Chan Gloria Chili Supporting Role