Black Pean (2018)

Burakku Pean, Black Forceps, ブラックペアン

Drama , Medical , Japanese | Episodes 10

8 361 10 0


Tokai, a surgeon at Tojo University Hospital, boasts a 100% surgery success rate, but his arrogance often causes friction among his peers, who refer to him as "a doctor who saves patients but kills doctors". Saeki, a general surgery professor and one of the best cardiac surgeons in the world, always uses the black forceps commonly known as "Black Forceps." On the day Saeki performs an extremely difficult surgery, doctors from rivalhospitals come to watch him at work. During the operation, however, another one of his patients suffers an aortic dissection. His surgical first assistant and a resident, Sera, deal with the patient, but the condition becomes critical. As Takashina, a doctor from Teika University Hospital watches on, Tokai appears in the operating room.


Hashimoto Satoshi Kurosaki Seiichiro Support Role
Kanno Misuzu Fujiwara Makoto Support Role
Kanro Morita Taguchi Kohei Support Role
Okada Kohki Yokoyama Tadashi Support Role
Konno Hiroki Sekikawa Fuminori Support Role
Shuri Nekota Mari Support Role
Uchino Masaaki Support Role
Koizumi Kotaro Takashina Gonta Support Role
Kato Ayako Kaori Kinoshita Support Role
Ninomiya Kazunari Tokai Seishiro Main Role
Takeuchi Ryoma Sera Masashi Main Role
Aoi Wakana Hanabusa Miwa Main Role
Kochi Yugo (Ep.3) Guest Role