Black (2017)

Beulraek, 블랙

Drama , Fantasy , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 20

8.1 31704 10 0


The main character is a Grim Reaper who inhabits a human body Detective Black and falls in love with a woman, Ha-Ram, who can see shadows of death. These two struggle to save the lives of people. His love will break the rules of the heavens, and the grim reaper will be erased from the memories of everyone on Earth.


Song Seung Heon Grim Reaper Black Main Role
Go Ah Ra Kang Ha Ram Main Role
Lee El Yoon Soo Wan Supporting Role
Jung Seok Yong Supporting Role
Kim Won Hae Supporting Role
Lee Chul Min Supporting Role
Kim Jae Young Supporting Role
Park Doo Shik Supporting Role
Jo Jae Yun Supporting Role
Kim Dong Jun Oh Man Soo Supporting Role

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Drama , Fantasy , Thriller , Korean

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