Blessing of the Sea (2019)

Yongwangnim Bouhasa, The Dragon King Protects, Protect the King, 용왕님 보우하사

Drama , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 120+

7.6 2655 10 0


The modern version of the story of Shim Chung Yi, a woman who sees the world in various colors and meets a pianist who sees the world only in black and white and finds out the secret to her lost father. 


Oh Mi Yun Ma Yeong In Support Role
Jo An Yeo Ji Na Support Role
Ha Eun Jin Jo Hun Jung Support Role
Min Chan Ki Ryan Support Role
Ahn Nae Sang Sim Hak Gyoo Support Role
Yoon Bok In Jeong Moo Sim Support Role
Choi Eun Kyung Director
Park Jung Hak Seo Pil Doo Support Role
Im Ji Eun Ma Jae Ran Support Role
Baek Bo Ram Go Yo Jeong Support Role
Geum Bo Ra Bang Deok Hee Support Role
Kim Hyung Min Baek Si Joon Support Role
Jae Hee Ma Poong Do Main Role
Lee So Yeon Shim Chung Yi Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Korean