Dream Knight (2015)

드림 나이트

Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 12

8.1 2235 10 0


A young girl named Joo In Hyung, suffering from her past experiences until a group of mysterious men suddenly enter her life. The fantasy romance drama touches on dreams, love, and friendship.


Song Ha Yoon Joo In Hyung Main Role
Park Jin Young Himself Main Role
Bhuwakul Kunpimook Bam Bam Main Role
JB Himself Main Role
Mark Himself Main Role
Jackson Himself Main Role
Kim Yoo Gyum Himself Main Role
Young Jae Himself Main Role
Park Jin Young The moon Supporting Role
Min Lee Jenny Supporting Role
Choi Woo Shik [Past student] Guest Role
Kim Hyung Jun [TV show host] Guest Role
Clara Guest Role
Hwang Chan Sung Himself [Sunbae] Guest Role
Suzy Guest Role
Chang Min [Worker in electronics shop](Ep.4) Guest Role
Park Ji Min [GOT7's Jr. fan] Guest Role
Lee Gook Joo [Motorcycle Driver](Ep.2) Guest Role