Empire of Gold (2013)

The Golden Empire, 황금의 제국

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 24

7.6 402 10 0


The series is a multi-generational saga that covers a twenty-year span from 1990 to 2010, and follows one chaebol family as it arises out of the ruins of the 1990s IMF financial crisis that wreaked so much havoc on the Korean economy, and becomes the top conglomerate in the nation. Three people become locked in a power struggle for control of this chaebol empire.


Lee Yo Won Choi Seo Yoon Main Role
Son Hyun Joo Choi Min Jae Main Role
Go Soo Jang Tae Joo Main Role
Park Geun Hyung Choi Dong Sung Supporting Role
Jung Han Yong Choi Dong Jin (Min Jae's Father) Supporting Role
Uhm Hyo Seop Choi Won Jae Supporting Role
Park Ji Il Kang Ho Yeon Supporting Role
Yoon Seung Ah Jang Hee Joo Supporting Role
Lee Won Jae Kim Gwang Se Supporting Role
Jin Seo Yun Jung Yoo Jin Supporting Role
Jung Wook Son Dong Hee Supporting Role
Sun Woo Eun Sook Yoo Soon Ok (Tae Joo's Mother) Supporting Role
Kim Kang Hyun Na Choon Ho Supporting Role
Go Eun Mi Park Eun Jung Supporting Role
Ryu Seung Soo Cha Pil Doo Supporting Role
Choi Yong Min Park Jin Tae Supporting Role
Kim Mi Sook Han Jung Hee (Sung Jae's Mother) Supporting Role
Lee Hyun Jin Choi Sung Jae Supporting Role
Kwon Tae Won Jung Byeong Kook Supporting Role
Shin Dong Mi Choi Jung Yoon Supporting Role
Kim Jung Hak Shin Jong Ho Supporting Role
Jang Shin Young Yoon Seol Hee Supporting Role
Dong Ha Choi Yong Jae Guest Role
Lee Il Hwa Im Yoon Hee [Choi Min Jae's wife] Guest Role
Nam Il Woo Jang Bong Ho (Tae Joo's Father) Guest Role
Go In Bum Guest Role
Jang Moon Seok Unknown Role
Yoon Sang Hoon Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean