Fool's Love (2018)

바보의 사랑

Drama , Manga , Melodrama , Romance , Youth , Korean | Episodes 16

7.6 1875 10 0


Kang Ho Goo (Choi Woo Sik) has a twin sister, Ho Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung). He has tried to pass the civil service examination, but has failed for 7 years. One day, he meets Do Hee (UEE). She was the most popular girl when they were in the same high school. They spend the night together, but the next morning he finds a baby next to him and Do Hee is gone.


Yoon Nan Joong Screenwriter
Pyo Min Soo Director
Choi Woo Shik Kang Ho Goo Main Role
Uee Do Do Hee Main Role
Im Seul Ong Byeon Kang Cheol Main Role
Lee Soo Kyung Kang Ho Gyeong [Ho Goo's twin sister] Main Role
Song Ji In In Gong Mi Supporting Role
Choi Deok Moon So Shi Min Supporting Role
Park Ji Il Byeon Kang Se Supporting Role
Kim Sun Kyung Park Soo Chung Supporting Role
Oh Young Shil Mok Gyeong Jin Supporting Role
Lee Shi Eon Shin Cheong Jae Supporting Role
Lee Do Yeon Han Sung Shil Supporting Role
Seol Ah Ji Woon Supporting Role
Park Soon Chun Kim Ok Ryeong Supporting Role
Lee Joo Woo Min Ji Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Joon No Kyung Woo Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong Kang Yong Moo Supporting Role
Choi Jae Hwan Kim Tae Hee Supporting Role
Jang Young Nam [Lady with baby](Ep.2) Guest Role
Lee Jin Kwon man running away with comic books Guest Role
Lee Sung Min [Customer](Ep.1) Guest Role
Do Hee [School girl](Ep.2) Guest Role
Kang Jun [High School Boy](Ep.2) Guest Role
Han Geun Sup Unknown Role
Oh Hee Joong Unknown Role