Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi (2017)


Drama , Adventure , Supernatural , Thriller , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.8 772 10 0


Hu Tian is a 25-year-old delinquent leading a carefree life with Xiao Jin Ya, whom he considers to be like a sister. One day, a mysterious woman named Bing Lun appears with news of his long-lost parents, who disappeared for more than 20 years. A man named Lei Li also appears and claims to be a friend of his father. Along with his new-found friends, Hu Tian sets out on an expedition to find his long-lost family; while figuring out how to differentiate friend and foes.


Wang Darren Hu Tian Main Role
Jin Chen Bing Lun Main Role
Gao Jiang Old Hu Supporting Role
Wang Li Xin Lei Li Supporting Role
Zhang Xin Xiao Jin Ya Supporting Role
Zhang Bo Yu Wang Yao Supporting Role
Li Shi Peng Wang Pang Zi Supporting Role
Zeng Meng Xue Shen Xian Yan Supporting Role
Xu Yi Shan Ban Shan Qin Xue Supporting Role
Liu Yu Qi Shirley Yang Supporting Role
Gao Yi Qing Lao Hu Supporting Role