Giwaku (2019)
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  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi

Giwaku (2019)

Suspicion, 疑惑

Drama , Crime , Investigation , Law , Suspense , Japanese

7.8 26 10 0


Based on a prolific Seichou Matsumoto novel, the story begins with an elderly and kind man, passionate about the whims of a young (too young) wife, when they visit a village. beside sea. However, at dusk on the same day, their car suddenly rushed forward and then exited the dock, causing many people to marvel. Young wife, Kumako, emerged from the water and found her way to the shore; Her husband, Fukutaro Shirakawa, did not come. Doubtful of construction that Kumako killed her husband in a fragile attempt to demand the ridiculous high insurance on the top, amounting to more than 300 million yen. The bereaved Shirakawa family is convinced that the wife who dug for gold is a scheming killer; Police are coming around their views


Nagayama Kento Support Role
YOU Support Role
Itao Itsuji Support Role
Hotta Akane Support Role
Yo Kimiko Support Role
Yonekura Ryoko Main Role
Kuroki Haru Main Role


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