Harassment Game (2018)


Drama , Business , Drama , Investigation , Japanese | Episodes 10

8 342 10 0


Akitsu Wataru is the manager of the Toyama branch of Maruo Holdings, an established major supermarket chain. He is demoted as a result of some incident and moves to the countryside with his family. However, one day, Akitsu is recalled to headquarters as the head of the compliance unit. The CEO and board members have hidden ulterior motives. Various harassment issues happen within the company. Akitsu solves them with novel ideas and methods. 


Takito Kenichi Maruo Takafumi Support Role
Sano Shiro Mizutani Itsuro Support Role
Furukawa Yuki Yazawa Kotaro Support Role
Ichikawa Yui Komatsu Minako Support Role
Ishino Mako Akitsu Eiko Support Role
Takashima Masahiro Wakita Haruo Support Role
Hirose Alice Takamura Makoto Main Role
Karasawa Toshiaki Akitsu Wataru Main Role
Shida Mirai Guest Role