Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre (2019)

Yi Tian Tu Long Ji, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber, 倚天屠龙记

Drama , Adventure , Historical , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.9 7857 10 0


This is the last part of the trilogy which began with Legend of the Condor Heroes and continued in Return of the Condor Heroes. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre took place nearly 100 years after the events of Return of the Condor Heroes in a China ruled by the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty. Legend said that whoever obtains the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber can rule the world. Zhang Wuji was orphaned at a young age by schemes to discover secrets of these two weapons. Despite his preference to live a non-violent life, Wuji found himself embroiled in the struggles for power and must fight to save himself and others he loves... ~~ Based on the popular novel by Jin Yong 


Shi Xiao Hong Shi Huo Long Support Role
Yang Ming Na Dai Qi Si Support Role
Li Dong Xue Zhang Cui Shan, Wuji's Father Support Role
Zhang Yong Gang Xie Xun Support Role
Zhang Chun Zhong Du'E Support Role
Chen Maggie Yin Susu, Wuji's Mother Support Role
Cao Xi Yue Yin Li, Wuji's Cousin Support Role
Chow Kathy Abbess Mie Jue Support Role
Li Yi Xiao Lady Yang Support Role
Du Yu Ming Du Nan Support Role
Zhang Gong Xian Yu Tong Support Role
Gong Daniel Yin Li Ting Support Role
Wang Deshun Zhang San Feng Support Role
Li Jie Han Qian Ye Support Role
Lin Shen Yang Xiao Support Role
Zhong Qi Zhu Jiu Zhen Support Role
Ning Wen Tong Hu Qing Niu, Legendary Doctor Support Role
Guo Jun Song Yuan Qiao, Song Qing Shu's Father Support Role
Li Zeng Wang Yi Gu Support Role
Zong Feng Yan Fan Yao Support Role
Ruan Sheng Wen Yin Ye Wang, Susu's Brother Support Role
Fan Louis Cheng Kun Support Role
He Gang Yu Dai Yan Support Role
Huang Qian Yu Lian Zhou Support Role
Zhao Sarah The Lady in Yellow Support Role
Deng Li Min Du Jie Support Role
Yu Bo Yang Ding Tian Support Role
Wu Jing Jing Ji Xiao Fu Support Role
Xiao Rong Sheng Yin Tian Zheng, Susu's Father Support Role
Li Terry Leng Qian Support Role
Li Jin Rong He Tai Chong Support Role
Zhang Xiao Wei Yang Bu Hui Support Role
Zeng Joseph Zhang Wuji Main Role
Chen Yu Qi Zhao Min Main Role
Zhu Xu Dan Zhou Zhi Ruo Main Role
Kabby Hui Xiao Zhao Main Role