Hidden Faces (2015)


  • Release: 2015
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Hidden Faces (2015)


Drama , Drama , HK | Episodes 18

7.5 238 10 0


Three face shape medicine" (English: Hidden Faces), a Hong Kong television (HKTV) medical drama produced fashion by Frankie Lam , David Chiang , IWILL , Yang Qi and Chen Yuchen starring. The play will be presented in Hong Kong television history's first true face of cosmetic surgery drama, the play will disclose the real process of plastic surgery, with special effects make-up and shooting techniques, showing almost lifelike before and after surgery, in order to stimulate the audience's visual effects.


Chiang David Dr. Chui Chun Pong Main Role
Tsui Wilson Dr. Chan Pun Yuen Main Role
Lam Frankie Dr. Cheuk Tin Nam Main Role
Lau Rain Chiu Choi King Supporting Role
Chan Sam Lam Chi Ho Supporting Role
Yeung Kate Supporting Role
Chiang Lesley Chui Man Yee Supporting Role
Lam Rachel Kelly Supporting Role