Hip Hop Teacher (2017)


  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: jTBC

Hip Hop Teacher (2017)

Hibhan Seonsaeng, Hip Han Teacher, Hip Han Sensei, 힙한선생

Drama , Life , Music , School , Korean | Episodes 10

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Gong Seul Ki was an underground hiphop artist, but she now works as a music teacher at an elementary school. Her days are nondescript and boring. One day, Kim Yoo Bin begins working as a contract English teacher at the same school.


Ahn Woo Yeon Lee Hwang Main Role
Lee Joo Young Gong Seul Ki Main Role
Yura Kim Yoo Bin Main Role
Son Jong Hak Supporting Role
Park Min Soo Supporting Role
Moon Hee Kyung Supporting Role
Han Byul Ye Jin Supporting Role

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Drama , Life , Music , School , Korean