I'm a Pet At Dali Temple (2018)

Wo Zai Da Li Si Dang Chong Wu, 我在大理寺当宠物

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.7 7399 10 0


Ru Xiao Lan is a young woman from the modern day. Through a series of circumstances, she travels to the ancient times as a cat. Purely by chance, she meets Qing Mo Yan who's suffering from a poison and as they kiss, they realize that they've found the solution to each other's complications. Deciding to stick together for their own gain, the two embark on a journey to find the five-colored stone that can break Xiao Lan's curse and the ghost grass that can cure Mo Yan's affliction. Adapted from the novel Da Li Si Shao Qing De Chong Wu Sheng Ya by Mo Shang Ren Ru Yu.


Chen Michelle Empress Qing Huan Support Role
Xu Jovi Xuan Yu Support Role
Xu Kai Cheng Qing Mo Yan Main Role
Hu Yi Xuan Ru Xiao Lan Main Role
Figaro Tseng Tai Zi Main Role

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Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese