Just an Encore (2019)


Drama , Friendship , Romance , School , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 31

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Ordinary high school student Yan Ze is secretly in love with her desk-mate Ji Xiaowho is not only the most handsome boy in school but also a top student. But Yan Ze is neither particularly beautiful nor does she have a particularly good figure, and her grades are only so-so as well. Her best friend and adopted sister Gu Xi Ye, however, is the opposite of her, beautiful and an outstanding student. Yan Ze thus can’t help feeling that she will forever be no more than Xi Ye’s shadow. When Yan Ze discovers that her crush might like Xi Ye, her restrained negative emotions towards Xi Ye only become stronger until she explodes. Transfer student He Xin Liang sees through Yan Ze and always “miraculously” appears when she’s at her lowest point to cheer her up with his positive personality. Xi Ye, however, is secretly in love with Xin Liang and hates seeing the two become closer and closer. Actually, Xi Ye has always envied Yan Ze for easily getting along with everyone while she has problems blending in because people tend to think she’s arrogant. As it turns out, the two friends both secretly wish to become like the other. 


Jiang Zhuo Jun Yan Ze Main Role
Chen Xun Ji Xiao Main Role
Zhu Dan Ni Gu Xi Ye Main Role
Ding Yu Xi He Xin Liang Main Role

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Drama , Friendship , Romance , School , Youth , Chinese