K9 Cop (2016)

Police Dog Brother, Police Buddy, 警犬巴打

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Friendship , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

8.7 699 10 0


After losing both parents at a young age, Lai Yat Tsau becomes a parent figure for his three younger sisters. His mother’s death and his father’s fall to drug addiction turned Yat Tsau into a very quick-tempered and chauvinistic man. Originally assigned to the Kwun Tong Police Station, Yat Tsau’s superior transfers him to the K-9 unit to work with police dogs, hoping that the strict training would better shape his character. Yat Tsau is appointed to work with a K-9 called Brother, but Brother does not take a liking to him. During this process, Yat Tsau steps on the wrong end of veterinarian Ma Chi Ho, and the two strong personalities clash. But Chi Ho, who needs Yat Tsau’s help in mending her estranged relationship with younger brother Ma Chi Chung, volunteers to aide Yat Tsau in improving his relationship with Brother. Through Brother, Yat Tsau and Chi Ho develop an interesting partnership and chemistry. With Chi Ho’s help, Yat Tsau and Brother bond. Brother also helps Yat Tsau track down the drug dealer Lui Kam Dong. Just as he is closer to solving the case, Yat Tsau’s partner and close friend Fai Chung Lim breaks an unwritten rule in order to keep a secret, putting a dent on their brotherhood. This also gets Chung Lim’s girlfriend and Yat Tsau’s younger sister, Jil, into a near-fatal disaster. Kam Dong returns for revenge and uses his younger twin brother Kam Bo, who has been working as an informant for the cops, to concoct a trap. Yat Tsau, Chi Ho, and Brother team up to save their friends.


Wong Raymond Fai Chung Lim Main Role
Chu Tracy Lai Suk Si / "Jil" Main Role
Chung Linda Ma Chi Ho Main Role
Wong Bosco Lai Yat Tsau Main Role
Cheung Kayi Lai Suk Chu Supporting Role
Chan Rebecca Chung Wai Kin Supporting Role
Chiang Angel Lai Suk Fan / "Fanny" Supporting Role
Fong Cecilia So Fu Gwai Supporting Role
Li Aurora Chun Bo Supporting Role
Kai LuLu Chung San Gwong Supporting Role
Sum Jess Ho Yuen Gwan Supporting Role
Au Jimmy Yeung On Supporting Role
Leung Oscar Ma Chi Chung Supporting Role
Lau Kong Chung Ying May Supporting Role
Koo Jerry Lui Kam Dong | Lui Kam Bo Supporting Role
Luk Wing Keun Liu Lee Si Supporting Role
Chan Kerry Jackie (Ep.1) Guest Role