Like a Flowing River (2018)

Great Rivers Great Waters, Da Jiang Da He, Big Rivers, Great Rivers, Eastward Flows the Great River, 大江大河

Drama , Historical , Life , Chinese | Episodes 47

7.7 193 10 0


The story is set during the period of the Chinese economic reform from 1978 until 1992 and the three men who relentlessly push the boundaries amidst trying times. Song Yunhui is highly intelligent but he has always been discriminated against due to his background. He grabs the chance to take the exams in 1978 and successfully becomes a qualified technician. However, just as he builds a foundation for his career, he also begins to lose himself in his thirst to climbs the ranks. Completely different from Song Yunhui is his brother-in-law Lei Dongbao. Being raised in a poor family, he is the typical rough and gruff man from the rural village. During the time of economic reform, he becomes a leader that the other villagers look up to, yet his lack of education ultimately impedes his initial motivations. Yang Xun on the other hand brings a different set of encounters. He aspires to be a self-made man as he rides the tide of change to find business opportunities, thus embarking on a road to becoming an entrepreneur. Based on the novel "Big River Goes East" by A Nai.


Kong Sheng Director
Lian Lian Wei Chun Hong Support Role
Yang Li Xin Clerk Shui Support Role
Zhao Yang Yu Shan Qing Support Role
Tian Lei Shi Hong Wei Support Role
Wang Yong Quan Old Clerk Support Role
Wang Hong Support Role
Tong Yao Song Yun Ping Main Role
Zhou Cassie Cheng Kai Yan Main Role
Wang Kai Song Yun Hui Main Role
Yang Shuo Lei Dong Bao Main Role
Dong Zijian Yang Xun Main Role
Jin Chen Liang Si Shen Main Role