My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , HK | Episodes 25

7.2 124 10 0


From their childhood to becoming the top two figures in the mafia, Ho Kei Song and Lau Cheuk Nam have stuck together through the thick and thin. When Lau Cheuk Nam was imprisoned for killing a cop, Ho Kei Song helped him look after his mistress, So Yau Lam. But Ho Kei Song and So Yau Lam secretly get married behind Lau Cheuk Nam's back. Soon after, Ho Kei Song retires from the mafia and opens a food business, living a plain life with his sister-in-law and daughter, Ho Foon Sam, from his previous marriage. Lau Cheuk Nam gets released early and turns to Ho Kei Song for support. Their brotherhood is tested, and it even fractures Ho Foon Sam's relationship with her boyfriend. As the family is falling apart, Lau Cheuk Nam persuades Ho Kei Song to make a comeback in the mafia. His ex-wife reappears again after having been missing for many years and reveals an unknown secret. Everyone becomes implicated in a nerve-wracking mafia fight.


Cheng Kent Ho Kei Song Main Role
Wong Tommy Lau Cheuk Nam Main Role
Sam Eliza Ho Foon Sam / "Joyce" Main Role
Chan Alice So Yau Lam Main Role
Yeung Matt Liu Sau Kei Supporting Role
Hui Jack Dan Tat Supporting Role
Yuen Kingdom So Yau Miu Supporting Role
Fan Amy Yip Fong Fei Supporting Role
Dai Sunny Chau Keung Supporting Role
Sum Jess Lam Tin / "Tina" Supporting Role
Lee Yee Man Mai Siu Hong Supporting Role
Kung Cilla Lee Man Ying Supporting Role
Wong Ada Ma Hau Ching / "Nicole" Supporting Role
King Kong Chou Cheung Supporting Role
Wong Derek Wong Cho Ho Supporting Role
Law Lok Lam Liu Kwok On Supporting Role
Cheng Hoffman Tan Yat Hap Supporting Role
Chan Joel Ko Kai Supporting Role
Ching Rainbow Chi Wai Chong Supporting Role
Li Eric Lau Cheuk Nam (young) Guest Role
Tong Roxanne So Yau Lam (young) Guest Role
Wai Willie Ho Kei Song (young) Guest Role
Lai Winki So Yau Miu (young) Guest Role