Presumed Accidents (2016)


Drama , Crime , Investigation , Supernatural , HK | Episodes 28

7.5 164 10 0


Kiu Man Kit is a knowledgeable gentleman living an affluent lifestyle who runs an online antique business. He has been living alone ever since the passing of his wife, Chong Wing Yi. The only person who knows about his past is his butler, Cheung Hak Loi. Until one day, Kiu Man Kit comes across an insurance investigator names Yan Yin at the hospital, sending ripple effects to his quiet life. When Yan Yin tries to find out the cause of her late parents' accidental death, she discovers her life is somehow tied to his. In order to get closer to Yan Yin, Kiu Man Kit joins her insurance company to help with her investigation and gets to know her suitor, Cheuk Sing Yeung. Gradually, Kiu Man Kit and Yan Yin realize that all the accidents are somehow seen as if they have been controlled by someone. Just as they are about to get to the truth, Kiu Man Kit meets Lin Yeuk Fei who bears a resemblance to his late wife. At the same time, it turns out Cheuk Sing Yeung and Lin Yeuk Fei's upbringings are also hidden with secrets.


Choi Sisley Yan Yin / "Eunice" Main Role
Ng Lawrence Kiu Man Kit / "George" Main Role
Cho Raymond Lai Yat Ming Main Role
Chow Chung Cheung Hak Loi / "Brian" Main Role
Li Selena Chong WIng Yi | Hui Ding Sum / "Bella" | Ling Yeuk Fei "Faye" Main Role
Tang Joyce Hui Kit Ying / "Jessie" Main Role
Lai Chris Cheuk Sing Yeung / "Mantus" Main Role
Chuk Samantha Tong Suk Han Supporting Role
Kan Rachel Chan Ka Kei Supporting Role
Chu Brian Hong Siu Hon / "Sherlock" Supporting Role
Chan Calvin Ho Tse Chung / "Smart" Supporting Role
Wong Burmie Jacqueline Supporting Role
Wong Geoffrey Ko Tak Shing Supporting Role
Chung Eric Yan Kai Kwong Supporting Role
Lai Winki Mok Hei Tung / Madam Mok Supporting Role
Lo Henry Mak Wing Yeung Supporting Role
Cheung Max Yau Tin Nam / "Blue" Supporting Role
Suen Snow Yeung Yin Ngoi / "I.I." Supporting Role
Yeung Chiu Hoi Tang Chuk Qiu Supporting Role
Chan Hebe Erica (Ep.13-15) Guest Role
Ma Celine Helen (Ep.5-7) Guest Role
Chan Wing Chun Si Bing Kuen (Ep.8-10) Guest Role
Yeow Eileen Tang Oi Gwan / "Ida" (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Leung Lily Cheng Ho Choi (Ep.10-13) Guest Role
Lam Mandy Keung Sou (Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Wu Jack Ho Ken Lap / "Jeff" (Ep.20-21) Guest Role
Chan Wing Chun Si Bing Kuen (Ep.8-10) Guest Role
Li Aurora Alice (Ep.20-21) Guest Role
Cheung Stanley Yung Sei Man / "Simon" (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Law Ronald Ho Ka Wai (Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Leung Davily Lam Ho Man / "Michelle" (Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Hong Akina Yiu WIng (Ep.10-13) Guest Role
Sum Jess Lau Yuk Hing (Ep.8-10) Guest Role
Lee Yee Man Kwan Wai Mei / "May" (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Au Jimmy Chow Bak Him / "Eric" (Ep.24-26) Guest Role
Wong Parkman Tse Dong Lam / "Francis" (Ep.17-19) Guest Role
Wong Derek John (Ep.5-7) Guest Role
Ma Mark Suen Man Bun / "Ben" (Ep.3-5) Guest Role
Lau Virginia Wong Yuen Yuen (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Yiu Claire Mok Hei Yue (Ep.24-26) Guest Role
Lau Kong Ding Yat Kwan (Ep.17-19) Guest Role
Chan Joel Hong Kiu (Ep.5-7) Guest Role
Tam Zoie Ding Siu Wai / "Whitney" (Ep.17-19) Guest Role
Yip Fanny Tong Tse Wan (Ep.17-19) Guest Role
Chan Gloria Tin Ling / "Elaine" (Ep.13-15) Guest Role
Kwan Kimmy Poon Mei Nga (Ep.13-15) Guest Role
Poon Pat Kong Ka Kei (Ep.10-13) Guest Role
Chen Yoyo Choi Si Ying / "Angelina" (Ep.5-7) Guest Role


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