Spy Hunter (2019)

Gui Wan's Diary, Flawless Plan, 天衣無縫, 天衣无缝

Drama , Action , Drama , Historical , Military , Political , Romance , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 46

7.3 834 10 0


In the spring of 1931, after The Communist Party successfully set up many communication stations in China, they set their sight on Western Europe and assigned 2 of their agents ''Asthray'" and "Porcelain" to Paris. From there on, the stories of secret deal, hidden betrayal, questionable death, forbidden love, and brotherhood among the military and a prominent family's members were unraveled.


Xu Ya Jun Yu Xian Sheng Support Role
Wu Xiu Bo Chief Zhao Support Role
Zhang Zhi Xi Fang Yi Fan Support Role
Liu Vivienne Zhu Hui Er Support Role
Zhu Gang Ri Yao Zhi Li An Support Role
Qian Yong Chen Ming Tang Support Role
Ding Hai Feng Liu Yubin Support Role
Mok Monica Su Mei Support Role
Ding Yong Dai Wen Shi Yi Support Role
Li Nai Wen Jiang Shao Cheng Support Role
Tong Li Ya Mrs. Yu Support Role
Lu Yi Zhi Li Qun Main Role
Qin Jun Jie Zhi Li Ping Main Role
Xu Lu Gui Wan Main Role
Wu Yue Dong Simei Guest Role