Spy (2015)

Seupai, 스파이

Drama , Action , Political , Romance , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 16

7.8 1792 10 0


Yoo Oh Sung plays a North Korean spy, who will be in confrontation with the main character Seon Woo. Bae Jong Ok plays Seon Woo’s mother. Bae Jong Ok plays Hye Rim – a perfect mom inside and out. She pays a lot of attention to her children’s education. She’s also a perfect housewife who supports her husband very well. But in fact, she’s former North Korean informant. Out of the blue, she’s assigned the mission of recruiting her son, who works for National Intelligence Service (NIS), into espionage activity. In order to protect her son, she can do anything, even gamble her life. In the drama, Kim Jae Joong plays a genius analyst on North Korea information, who works for NIS and has genius brain. He has extraordinary analytically skills and could make quick and cool-headed decisions


Kim Jae Joong Kim Seon Woo Main Role
Go Sung Hee Lee Yoon Jin Main Role
Yoo Oh Sung Hwang Gi Chul Main Role
Bae Jong Ok Park Hye Rim Main Role
Chae Soo Bin Jo Soo Yeon Supporting Role
Lee Dae Yeon Jung Gyu Yong Supporting Role
Jo Chang Geun Jong Han Supporting Role
Kim Min Jae Song Jung Hyeok Supporting Role
Jo Dal Hwan Kim Hyun Tae Supporting Role
Ryu Hye Young No Eun Ah Supporting Role
Lee Ha Eun Kim Yeong Seo [Sun Woo's younger sister] Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong Kim Woo Seok Supporting Role
Choi Yoo Ra Hong Ran Supporting Role
Lee Ha Eun KIm Yeong Seo Supporting Role
Woo Hyeok Jeong Ho Supporting Role
Go Woo Rim Kim Seon Woo [Young] Guest Role