Suits (2018)


Drama , Law , Korean | Episodes 16

9.2 19861 10 0


Choi Kyung Seo (Jang Dong Gun) is a legendary lawyer at the top law firm in South Korea. He has charisma and an attractive appearance. He hires Go Yun Woo (Park Hyung Shik) as a rookie lawyer for the law firm. Go Yun Woo has excellent memory.


Go Sung Hee Kim Ji Na Support Role
Chae Jung Ahn Hong Da-Ham Support Role
Hwang Tae Kwang Hwang Ho Support Role
Choi Gwi Hwa Chae Geun-Sik Unknown
Jin Hee Kyung Kang Ha-Yeon Support Role
Park Hyung Shik Go Yeon Woo Main Role
Jang Dong Gun Choi Kyung Seo Main Role

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Drama , Law , Korean