Sweet Enemy (2017)

Sweet Revenge, Dalkomhan Wonsoo, 달콤한 원수

Drama , Melodrama , Korean | Episodes 120

7.8 10183 10 0


When Oh Dal Nim (Park Eun Hye) is falsely accused of murder, she decides to take revenge on those responsible for her misery.


Park Eun Hye Oh Dal Nim Main Role
Yoo Geon Choi Sun Ho Main Role
Park Young Rin Hong Se Na Main Role
Lee Jae Woo Jung Jae Wook Main Role
Lee Cheong Mi Hwang Geum Sook Supporting Role
Choi Ryeong Choi Ko Bong Supporting Role
Kim Min Chan Hong Se Kang Supporting Role
Kim Hee Jung Ma Yoo Kyung Supporting Role
Lee Bo Hee Yoon Yi Ran Supporting Role
Choi Ja Hye Jung Jae Hee Supporting Role
Lee Jin Ah Go Eun Jung Supporting Role
Kwon Jae Hee Kang Soon Hee Supporting Role
Jang Jung Hee Cha Bok Nam Supporting Role

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Sweet Enemy

Drama , Melodrama , Korean

  • Sweet Enemy
  • Sweet Enemy