Swords of Legends (2014)

Legend Of The Ancient Sword, Swords of Legend, Ancient Sword Fantasy, Gu Jian Qi Tan, 古劍奇譚

Drama , Action , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.7 1177 10 0


In Legend of the Ancient Sword, which takes place during the Tang Dynasty, young martial artist Baili Tusu feels a mysterious aura in him that can be suppressed only with the Sword of Burning Solitude. When fighting bandits, he meets Ouyang Shaogong and Fang Lansheng, who are on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help them create a resurrection elixir. Tusu decides to join them on their adventure, hoping that the elixir will be able to awaken his slumbering mother. During their trip, he meets Feng Qingxue, an immortal who has come to earth to look for her brother. After Shaogong’s elixir proves to be a success, Tusu discovers that his mother is in danger and that he must fight with the power-hungry Shaogong to save the world.


Li Yi Feng Bai Li Tu Su Main Role
Ma Tian Yu Fang Lan Sheng Main Role
Chan William Ling Yue Main Role
Qiao Zhen Yu Ou Yang Shao Gong Main Role
Yang Mi Feng Qing Xue Main Role
Zheng Shuang Xiang Ling Main Role
Zheng Ye Cheng Wang Cai Supporting Role
Li Xiao Lu Xiu Ning Supporting Role
Ying Jun Ling Duan Supporting Role
Chung Gillian Xun Fang / Princess Peng Lai Supporting Role
Zhang Lemon Fang Ru Qin Supporting Role
Zhang Leon Hei Yao Supporting Role
Cai Jun Tao Ling Chuan Supporting Role
Chen Zi Han Hong Yu Supporting Role
Yang Cheng Cheng Huan Huan Supporting Role
Tian Tim Xiang Tian Xiao Supporting Role
Chen Hong Jin Fang Lan Sheng [Young] Supporting Role
Dilmurat Dilraba Fu Sang Supporting Role
Gao Vengo Yin Qian Shang / Feng Guang Mo Supporting Role
Ken Chang Zi Yin Zhen Ren Supporting Role
Qin Jun Jie Prince Chang Qing Supporting Role
Qi Stephy Ye Chen Xiang Supporting Role
Zong Feng Yan Han Su Zhen Ren Supporting Role
Huang Tian Qi Baili Tusu / Han Yun Xi [Child] Supporting Role
Qin Jun Jie Prince Chang Qing Supporting Role
Zhang Wei Na Sun Yue Yan / He Wen Jun Supporting Role
Jia Qing Chou Xin Rui Guest Role
Zhang Yi Jie Ling Yue [Young] Guest Role
Hao Ze Jia Unknown Role
Lu Kelvin Zhuo Yun Fei Unknown Role