The Adventure For Love (2016)


Drama , Adventure , Drama , Friendship , Life , Mystery , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 32

7.7 814 10 0


Xia Meng Xun, Tang Chao, and Bai Zhou are three individuals from rich families brought together by 3 mysterious Buddha statues. They embarked on an adventure filled with dangers to uncover their family secrets and find love in the process.


Tang Danson Xia Meng Long Main Role
Cheng Eva Xia Meng Xun Main Role
Jiang Jin Fu Tang Chao Main Role
Xin Swan Tian Wan Xi Main Role
Chen Sean Bai Zhou Main Role
Sun Cindy Lan Ling Main Role
Yung Yvonne Bai Feng Yi Supporting Role
Chang Angela Xia Yi Rou Supporting Role
Li Shi Peng Shi Lei Supporting Role