The Executioner (2015)


  • Release: 2015
  • Broadcast network: TVB

The Executioner (2015)


Drama , Crime , Historical , Law , Suspense , HK | Episodes 26

7.3 192 10 0


Executioner Yip Sheung-luk has shed blood too many times to count. To protect his savior’s pregnant daughter-in-law Yuen So-sam from danger, Sheung-luk sends So-sam to the capital, where she is to stay with renowned midwife Fa Yui-hung. A series of strange murders soon take place, and Sheung-luk saves a little life with his blade. But this baby boy of unknown origin gets Sheung-luk and Yui-hung in trouble with the imperial court. Step by step, the unlikely duo overcome obstacles together, developing a close relationship. Meanwhile, young couple Chek Tsz-chau and Chuk Siu-moon, both who have lived in a whore house for most of their lives, suddenly arrive at Yui-hung’s home. Siu-moon begs Sheung-luk to accept Tsz-chau as his disciple, but reckless Tsz-chau wants nothing more than to use this opportunity to escape from his punishment. Sheung-luk’s life changes forever after the appearance of mysterious magician Szema Chau. The baby boy’s identity is uncovered, putting everyone one step closer to their own deaths.


Yeung Matt Chek Tsz Chau Main Role
Yiu Elaine Yuen So Sam Main Role
Chan Joel Sze Ma Chau Main Role
Wong Kenny Yip Sheung Luk Main Role
Shiu Maggie Fa Yui Hung Main Role
Kung Katy Chuk Siu Moon Main Role
Ng Hugo Lee Chi Sing Supporting Role
Kan Rachel Chik Ying Ha Supporting Role
Tong Roxanne San Yuet Supporting Role
Chung Kayley Yin Yin Supporting Role
Cheung Stanley Emperor Zhu Jian Shen Supporting Role
Hong Akina Man Jing Yee Supporting Role
Sum Jess Queen Ng Supporting Role
Au Jimmy Dai Wai Yan Supporting Role
Law Lok Lam Fa Joi San Supporting Role