The Good Wife (2016)

Gut Waipeu, 굿 와이프

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

7.6 1041 10 0


This drama is an adaptation of the American CBS TV series “The Good Wife (2009-2016)“, starring Juliana Margulies. This drama is about a woman, Kim Hye Kyung (Jun Do Yun) who assumes responsibility for her family after her husband, Lee Tae Joon (Yoo Ji Tae) is thrown into prison after a very public scandal. Lee Tae Joon is a prosecutor with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office who gets sent to prison and whose wife is then propelled to return to her former career as a lawyer to support her family.


Jun Do Yeon Kim Hye Kyung Main Role
Yoo Ji Tae Lee Tae Joon Main Role
Yoon Kye Sang Seo Jung Won Main Role
Jun Suk Ho Park Do Sup Supporting Role
Yoo Jae Myung Lawyer Son Dong Ho Supporting Role
Jung Ah Mi Kwon Yeon Sun Supporting Role
Ray Yang Amber Supporting Role
Yoon Joo Sang Supporting Role
Choi Myung Gil Supporting Role
Ahn Hye Kyung Supporting Role
Park Shi Eun Seo Yeon [Hye Kyung's daughter] Supporting Role
Chae Dong Hyun Supporting Role
Kim Seo Hyung Seo Myung Hee Supporting Role
Kim Tae Woo Choi Sang Il Supporting Role
Nana Kim Dan Supporting Role
Sung Yoo Bin Supporting Role
Go Joon Supporting Role
Cha Soon Bae David Lee Supporting Role
Park Tae Sung Supporting Role
Lee Chang Jik [Judge] Supporting Role
Tae In Ho Oh Joo Hwan Supporting Role
Jun Suk Chan [Hyo Jin's brother] Supporting Role
Lee Won Geun Lee Joon Ho Supporting Role
Choi Byung Mo Supporting Role
Park Jung Soo Oh Jung Im Guest Role
Jin Ki Joo [Student on the mock trial](Ep.9-10) Guest Role
Kang Ki Doong [Shi Yeon's boyfriend] Guest Role
Kim Ji Eun Lee Hyo Jin Guest Role
Seo Hyun Woo Guest Role
Uhm Hyun Kyung Lee Eun Joo [Hye Kyung's Client](Ep.2) Guest Role
Yoon Hyun Min Kim Sae Byuk [Hye Kyung's Brother] (Ep. 13) Guest Role
Jung Yoo Ahn Unknown Role
Kang Dong Yup Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean