The Legend of Flying Daggers (2016)


Drama , Action , Drama , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 42

7.8 4005 10 0


Although Li Huai is the grandson of “Xiao Li Fei Dao” Li Xun Huan, he is an illegitimate son, which caused him to roam around the world since young. Many years later, after returning to where he used to live after obtaining a treasure his mother left for him, he was accused of stealing silver from an official and fell into a trap set by the leader of the guards, Han Jun. In those difficult times, a mysterious woman Xue Cai Ye saved him time and again, causing their feelings for each other to grow.


Lau Hawick Li Huai Main Role
Yang Rong Xue Cai Yue Main Role
Yang Ming Na Princess De An Supporting Role
Tsui Jeremy Li Man Qing [Young] Supporting Role
Wu Emma Fang Ke Ke Supporting Role
Cai Gang Li Hui Min Supporting Role
Lai Yu Meng Zi Teng Hua Supporting Role
Yuan Crystal Shui Wu Shang Supporting Role
Huang Zi Xi Leng You Xuan Supporting Role
Zhou Ting Wei Eunuch Gao Supporting Role
Huang Howie Li Man Qing Supporting Role
Huang Ming Li Zheng Supporting Role
Kwan Kenny Long Yi Supporting Role
Zong Feng Yan Shang Guan Jin Hong Supporting Role
He Zhong Hua Xue Qing Bi Supporting Role
Yan Kevin Li Xun Huan Guest Role
Bai Michelle Shang Guan Xian [Young] Guest Role