The Master’s Sun (2013)

The Sun of My Maste, The Sun of the Lord, 주군의 태양

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 17

8.6 9374 10 0


The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is described as a drama with horror and romantic elements infused together. Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a miserly, greedy and conceited CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Meanwhile, Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a melancholy and tearful assistant, who is able to see ghosts after an accident and thus suffers from insomnia. She lives a very reclusive and closed-off life due to her ability. The story is being touted as “soul healing” drama that brings together very different types of people: one who can see and hear things that no one else in the world can and another who only hears and see things he wants too. As Joo Joong Won starts to believe in Tae Gong Shil’s claim of being able to see ghosts, these two people will grow together in faith and in character.


Gong Hyo Jin Tae Gong Shil "Tae Yang" Main Role
Kim Yoo Ri Tae Yi Ryeong Main Role
So Ji Sub Joo Joong Won "Joo Goon" Main Role
Seo In Guk Kang Woo Main Role
Park Hee Bon Tae Gong Ri [Gong Shil's sister] Supporting Role
L Joo Joong Won [Young] Supporting Role
Choi Jung Woo Kim Gwi Do [Joong Won's secretary] Supporting Role
Lee Jae Won Lee Han Joo [Security team member] Supporting Role
Kim Yoon Joo [An Jin Joo's colleague] Supporting Role
Ha Soo Ho Sung Hoon Supporting Role
Lee Do Hyun Lee Seung Mo [Kid in Gong Shil's apartment] Supporting Role
Jo Seung Yeon Yoon Gi Taek Supporting Role
Kim Yong Gun Chairman Joo [Joong Won's father] Supporting Role
Lee Jong Won Do Seok Cheol [Seong Ran's husband] Supporting Role
Jung Ga Eun Ahn Jin Joo [Kingdom shopping mall employee] Supporting Role
Go Nak Hyun Joon Suk [Coffee ghost] Supporting Role
Kim Mi Kyung Joo Seong Ran [Joong Won's aunt] Supporting Role
Han Bo Reum Cha Hee Joo [Joong Won's dead first love] Supporting Role
Hong Eun Taek Lee Seung Joon [Kid in Gong Shil's apartment] Supporting Role
Hwang Sun Hee Han Na Brown Supporting Role
Lee Yong Nyeo Mrs. Goh Supporting Role
Kim Dong Gyun [Gambler son](Ep.1) Guest Role
Baek Seung Hyun [Yoon Hee's husband](Ep.3) Guest Role
Lee Jae Yong Lee Yong Jae [Giant's Chairman - Ghost](Ep.11) Guest Role
Jun Jin Seo [Child ghost](Ep.6-7) Guest Role
Kim Bo Ra Ha Yoo Jin [Schoolgirl clique](Ep.2) Guest Role
Jung Yoon Suk [Child ghost](Ep.6-7) Guest Role
Kim Sang Joong [Host of Mystery Z TV show](Ep.2) Guest Role
Han Ga Rim [Daughter of the Hotel Ghost](Ep.8) Guest Role
Kang Joo Eun [Child ghost](Ep.6-7) Guest Role
Jo Hwi Joon Chang Min [Victim of child abuse](Ep.7) Guest Role
Lee Sung Woo [Gong Shil's date](Ep.1) Guest Role
Song Min Jung Kim Mi Gyeong [Hye Seong's ex-girlfriend](Ep.1) Guest Role
Park Hyo Bin Lee Joo Hyeon [Schoolgirl clique](Ep.2) Guest Role
Kim Min Ha Park Ji Eun [Classmate who wanted to scare the clique](Ep.2) Guest Role
Yoo Kyung Ah Choi Yoon Hee [Red shoe ghost](Ep.3) Guest Role
Jang Ga Hyun [Red lipstick ghost](Ep.4) Guest Role
Jun Yang Ja CEO Wang [Ji Woo's grandmother] (Ep.5) Guest Role
Hong Won Pyo Hyeong Cheol [Soldier](Ep.6) Guest Role
Lee Hyo Rim [Louis Jang's wife](Ep.9) Guest Role
Lee Jong Hyuk Lee Jae Suk [Giant's CEO](Ep.11) Guest Role
Kim Ji Han Yoo Hye Seong [Athlete](Ep.1) Guest Role
Yoo Min Kyu Ji Woo [Ghost](Ep.5) Guest Role
Lee Chun Hee Yoo Jin Woo (Ep.14-17) Guest Role
Uhm Soo Jung [Woo Jin's mother](Ep.12 & 16) Guest Role
Gu Seung Hyun Woo Jin [Ghost](Ep.12 & 16) Guest Role
Kim Bo Mi Sun Yeong [Milk delivery girl](Ep.5) Guest Role
Jo Jae Yun [Man haunted by ghost wife](Ep.14) Guest Role
Lee Hye In Lee Eun Seol [Ghost student](Ep.2) Guest Role
Min Ah Kim Ga Yeong [Schoolgirl clique](Ep.2) Guest Role
Seo Hyo Rim Park Seo Hyun [Chaebol heiress](Ep.9-10) Guest Role
Jo Se Ho [Park by-passer couple](Ep.7) Guest Role
Kim Hee Jung Kang Gil Ja [Water ghost ajumma](Ep.8) Guest Role
Lee Seung Hyung [Hye Seong's manager](Ep.1) Guest Role
Jung Chan Louis Jang [Pianist](Ep.9) Guest Role
Nam Myung Ryul [Man unwilling to sell his house](Ep.1) Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean