Trace: Kasouken no Otoko (2019)

Trace ~ Men of the science school ~, トレース~科捜研の男~

Drama , Drama , Mystery , Japanese | Episode 11

7.5 374 10 0


Reiji Mano is a forensic science researcher at the Scientific Research Laboratory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is good at his job, possessing a vast amount of knowledge and having excellent technique. However, he is a lone wolf who does not cooperate with others. When he works on a case, he focuses exclusively on hard facts, ignoring speculation. Reiji Mano hates the media and their thirst for sensational news. When he was a child, Reiji Mano experienced a terrible case. He has looked for the truth in that case ever since. Nonna Sawaguchi is a rookie forensic science researcher who begins to work with Reiji Mano. Because of their work together, Reiji Mano begins to open his mind to others and Nonna Sawaguchi matures as a forensic science researcher.


Kato Koyuki Kaizuka Ritsuko Support Role
Okazaki Sae Mizusawa Eri Support Role
Yamaya Kasumi Sawaguchi Kanna Support Role
Kato Toranosuke Okita Toru Support Role
Sasai Eisuke Enami Kiyoshi Support Role
Toyama Toshiya Ichihara Hiroshi Support Role
Yamazaki Shigenori Sagara Kazuomi Support Role
Yamoto Yuma Inose Yuto Support Role
Araki Yuko Sawaguchi Nonna Main Role
Funakoshi Eiichiro Toramaru Ryohei Main Role
Nishikido Ryo Mano Reiji Main Role