Under the Veil (2015)


Drama , Drama , Historical , HK | Episodes 20

7.5 243 10 0


The drama is told in three separate folklore stories about love, lust, vanity, greed and selfishness. {Changing Pins} - Male and female fraternal twins fall in love with different men with the same appearance. The older male twin has an homosexual affair with a Prince of the Liao Kingdom, while the female twin falls in love with a poor scholar. {Judge Lu} - A poor scholar has an affair with a courtesan that resembles his wife. {Chasing Fish} - A scholar becomes the object of affection to a fish spirit and human girl with the face.


Wong Raymond Yuen Sam Yeung / Yuen Yim Siu Main Role
Kwok Sonija Yat Ban Heung / Sheh Wan Chu Main Role
Sam Eliza Lau Yi / Hung Muk Dan Main Role
Wong Bosco Cheung Jan Main Role
Tin Kristal Duen Fung Sam / Duen So Sei Main Role
Lai Wayne Chu Yi Dan / Hon Tin Loi Main Role
Lee Joseph Gau Chin Sui / Bao Gong Supporting Role
Lee Ali Choi Sin Supporting Role
Dai Sunny Ngau Pak Yik Supporting Role
Wai Willie Luk Poon Supporting Role
Yu Henry Emperor King Hei Supporting Role
Chiu Raymond Song Lit Supporting Role
Cheung Stanley Chiu Sing Chi Supporting Role
Ho Anthony Dai Mak Supporting Role
Law Lok Lam Hung Tai Si Supporting Role
Lo Henry Miu Kuo Tin Supporting Role
Ching Rainbow Sheh Fu Yan Supporting Role
Kung Katy Gwai Ji Gung Jue Supporting Role
Wong Chun Sheh Lo Ye Supporting Role