You Are Too Much (2017)

당신은 너무합니다

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 50

7.9 2156 10 0


A pop singer who’s been beloved by the public for twenty years, with an elegant and confident outer image, hides her loneliness and pain, after having left behind a young son in order to pursue her career in her early days. She achieved the success she’d sought, but it left a hole in her heart.


Gu Hye Seon Jung Hae Dang / Yoo Jwi Na Main Role
Jang Hee Jin Jung Hae Dang / Yoo Jwi Na Main Role
Uhm Jung Hwa Yoo Ji Na Main Role
Kang Tae Oh Lee Kyung Soo Main Role
Jung Gyu Woon Park Hyun Joon Main Role
Jun Kwang Ryul Park Sung Hwan Supporting Role
Jung Hye Sun Sung Kyung Ja Supporting Role
Yoon Ah Jung Supporting Role
Son Tae Young Hong Yoon Hee Supporting Role
Kang Nam Gil Jung Kang Shik Supporting Role
Kim Bo Yun Baek Mi Suk Supporting Role
Shin Da Eun Jung Hae Jin Supporting Role
Kim Gyu Seon Jung Hae Sung Supporting Role
Lee Jae Eun Supporting Role
Kim Hyung Bum Yeon Bong Soo Supporting Role
Bae Gun Woo Choi Gun [Soldier] Supporting Role
Jae Hee Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean