Actress Bae Doo Na

Actress Bae Doo Na started her professional career as a fashion model in 1988. Quickly moving to a high-profile role in the acclaimed South-Korean TV series, "HIGH SCHOOL".Doo Na's first leading role in a motion picture was in the black comedy, "BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE". Winner of the Best New Actress Award at the 21st edition of the Blue Dragon Awards (South Korea's Golden Globe), Doo Na became a critic's favorite for her layered yet animated portrayal of a young woman who helps her tenant locate a lost dog.After choosing to play a more feminine and "normal" character in the 1999 release PLUM BLOSSOM, Don-na Bae went on to star in the critically acclaimed TAKE CARE OF MY CAT, playing once again, a character who is independent from both family and men. With TAKE CARE OF MY CAT, Bae Doo-Na won three Best Actress Awards-on at the 9th Chunsa Film & Art Film festival, another at the 38th Baek Sang Art Awards and the prestigious Korean film critics award.In her time off, Bae took up photography, much of which can be seen on her official blog and her photo book. Bae finally stepped onto a theater stage in 2004, for a production of Sunday Seoul (not to be confused with the South Korean movie of the same title). The play was co-written by Park Chan-wook, whom she had previously worked with.In 2005, Bae appeared in the Japanese film Linda Linda Linda, and in 2006 she worked with Bong Joon-ho again on The Host, currently the highest grossing film in South Korean box office history.In 2009-2010, she won accolades for Air Doll, a film by Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda about an inflatable sex doll that develops a soul and falls in love.In 2015, she also acted as Sun Bak in the American sci-fi web show, "Sense8", which aired on Netflix.(Sense8, Wikipedia)