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Lo Mang is a Hong Kong based veteran martial artist who was born as Lo Hin Lam in Hong Kong on 23 July 1956. Primarily known for starring in Shaw Brothers kung fu movies in the latter part of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s. He is a one part of the most famous venom club known as Venom Mob in 70s and 80s who were renowned for their martial arts and acting skills.His most famous roles are Toad in Five Deadly Venoms and Golden Arm Kid in Kid with the Golden Arm. He is a skilled martial artist and practiced Taijiquan for years, as well as Chu Gar Tong Long Southern Praying Mantis for over 13 years before starting an acting career. He had a well built physique despite doing no weight training. Sometimes referred as "Shaolin Hercules," he is renowned for playing the strongest personality in the movies but being the first one to be killed.He is still active in the Hong Kong TV industry. Nowadays he has revamped his acting style as a comedy actor and is involved in directing action choreography for some productions.